Electrical Installations Can Be Easy

Get electrical services from a trusted team in Burlington, Graham & Elon, NC

Make Allred Electric Company your go-to contractor for electrical installations. Our team can easily install new outlets, breakers, light fixtures, exhaust fans or generators for your home or business in Burlington, Graham, or Elon, NC. Whether you need an upgraded electrical panel or recessed lighting, you can rest assured your electrical installations are in good hands.

5 warning signs that you need electrical services

5 warning signs that you need electrical services

Allred Electric Company offers comprehensive electrical services for residential and commercial clients in Burlington, Graham & Elon, NC, including electrical repair. Not sure if you need repairs? Here are some indicators that your electrical system is malfunctioning:

  1. Your appliances have a short life span
  2. You hear buzzing from your outlets
  3. Your outlets feel warm to the touch
  4. Your breakers flip frequently
  5. You see sparking when you plug something in

Electrical problems can quickly become fire hazards. If you notice these signs, get electrical services ASAP.